Bumblebee – Official Video


Our attempt to make a music video out of some live video footage we collected over the years.

Circles – Lyrics Video


Lyrics video with photos from diffrent gigs. With an old mix of Circles.

Watch and follw us:

Live @ Karlskrona Konsthall


“I saw Kräk at Regnrock in Karlskrona, Sweden on April 7th 2017. I was dragged to the concert by a friend who wanted to see the headliners No Rules. Little did I know how one of the supporting acts would totally own the stage compared to the headliners.

With no expectations I got my mind blown by Kräk. Such energy, such talent! There was no doubt in the bands mind that they were the real headliners (Which apparently most of the crowd agreed with since 2/3 of them left after Kräk). From the beginning of the show, the band got the audience excited with their energy and their own -pretty original songs. The band raised the roof with their first three songs before announcing a moment of silence for the deceased of the terror attack in Stockholm the same day. After this, the show continued with their original song plus a cover of the Ramones classic

“I believe in miracles”.

I was a bit disappointed with what I fought was the last song – Bible. No big spectacle which I at this time had expected. However the show wasn’t really over. One last song. A tripy version of the Iggy Pop classic I wanna be your dog. Son of a bitch, what an ending! Amazing! I saw Iggy pop in Berlin in 2013 and I’very got to say that Kräk’s version of the song was just as amazing as the Stooges.

I recommend any fan of rock music to listen to the bands music and watch their live shows. They’re gonna be BIG!

Best – Almost everything. The catchy and original guitar riffs and solos. The crazy skilled drummer. The iggy pop-inspired front man (with a better voice) and obviously the Iggy Pop cover – I wanna be your dog.

Worst – Nothing really, possibly the bass player, some clear mistakes and not as much energy as the rest of the band. However not bad!”

Live @ Circo


Live @ Hasslöfestivalen